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A web page for my indulgence and sharing ideas and irregular updates on my Model railway

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Make your own aluminium servo bracket with micro switches

Idea’s to make your modelling life easier or better or cheaper

How to do things

How to

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Here we have my catalogue of idea’s, insight and experience to aid beginner’s and experienced alike (who may know a lot already but might find some new!)

Broken down into individual subjects (with pics) for ease of perusal

I will be constantly adding  How to’s and other resources to the site over time, so bookmark it and visit regularly for additional information

How to make and fit LED lamps to your buffers


Cheap way to make industrial lamp shades

Pickups, power and lights for coaches


Protected base for lamps


Coming soon

Rolling twin track voltage tester

Coming soon

Servo operated barrier level crossing with lights

Servo operated level crossing gates


Alternative RJ12 socket for UTP


Protected base posts


You will find many instructional video’s on Youtube showing how to do things, but few document the other choices of methodology, these How To’s are either original to me or will point you in the right direction for further investigation that suites your need.


Coming soon

Make your own fencing from inexpensive materials


Removable dust cover for your layout

Make your own Hot Wire and guide to what is available