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Lumsdonia Railway News


New easier URL

Lumsdonia has a new home!

With its own Domain on the net.  www.lumsdonia.co.uk

I will redirect the old pages to the new address, but

Please bookmark the new address

New How To added:-

Layout Dust Cover sheet

Links updated with over 20 new addresses

New Guides front page

Three new guides added:-




Links updated with over 25 new addresses and two new categories

Two new videos on my YouTube channel:-

Animated Windmill Diorama in OO : How to build a working Windmill scene Part 1 and a complimentary show of the two prizes that I won, for it on, P1MRC forum!

Over 30 more links added to the links page

Three new videos on my YouTube channel:-

How To make a removable Mineral Wagon Load

Stop motion promo for my Windmill diorama

Wigan Model Railway Exhibition 2018

The adventure continues :), module 3 has begun!

Started on the next module for my layout, a dip in the board level to accommodate three bridges across a valley. One stayed cable bridge 1.2 meters long, a double steel bow bridge with steel under slung trestles and a stone road bridge, all over a canal, a river and a road.

Essentially only part of the steel bridge will be bought in, ALL other elements will be scratch built.

It will take some time as every part needs researching and trialing!

Window prints for acetates being developed

Underlay Guide added

July 2018



Aug 2018










Now added 2019 Gallery with pics of the third module, three bridge valley

Static Grass Applicators Guide and Baseboard Construction Guide added



Tea chests

I have now added some pfd’s of sheets of Tea crates for printing and applying to blocks

I have also vamped the navigation bar and added a ‘How to’ section

Special loads

I have now completed two projects, they are both special wagons for oversize loads, not sure how to display them, I may have to add a new picture gallery!

(Sneak preview in the slide show, on front ‘home’ page} and here is the video’s Project 1 & Project 2

Apr 2018

June 2018

Pdf downloads

I have created an automated spreadsheet that can populate a pdf with variable features to make Wagon Tarpaulins for printing at home! Just a few samples at the moment, but I will expand it and tweak as I get feedback of their usefulness. Check out the NEW shop page.

Tips 700

There is now a new page in tips for Scratch building, its been a busy month!


Having created my garage Four post and Single car lifts, I need some automation to drive the servo’s, thus I bit the bullet and had a bash at programming an Arduino. After a few battles, I have managed it! It won’t be long before I join the hardware together and will have something nearly complete!


A new guide page has been added for coach lighting

Jan 2018

Mar 2018


I have now added several more pages to the Tips section and will be adding more sections as I get time to write and upload

The two 6 foot long base boards have been made for over a year and are now fully populated with track, servo point motors (with Megapoints card driving them) , ballasted and beginning to complete the station and static grass.

Website links

I have decided to expand the Links page to have a list of all the useful sites I have found. Doing a web search is OK if you know exactly what to put in, but if you are looking for a list of suppliers that is related to a particular subject, it may not find all of them, so I will catalogue by product, so there is a list of definite sites that further research will get you to what you want.

Mid 2017

End 2017


I originally decided I would use MRC Prodigy control for the DCC, but after considerable research, I have now decided to go for NCE PowerCab initially and upgrade to the SB5 booster at a later stage. I will not go to Power Pro, as I dont need computer control and feedback.


I have always liked SEEP motors, but having researched points, decided I wanted to have “Live” frog PECO Electrofrog turnouts, this means I need an extra changeover switch. I am currently contemplating using DCC Concept’s COBALT motors, as they have two changeover switches built in.

However, as I need about 40, the cost is highly pertinent, so have been considering servo motors and maybe MERG circuits to drive them, but have just discovered PECO do a 4 way servo controller!

Needs further investigation! Watch this space!


I have now decided that solenoid points are out and stall motors too! Servo’s are the solution!

The problem is they need a driver, having investigated MERG and Arduino as solutions, I have decided to get  Megapoints


As I needed changeover control for the live frogs and servo’s inherently don't give contacts, a suitable bracket and micro-switches needs to be developed {current project}



Window prints for acetates released for brick type Linka moulds!

My Projects picture Gallery added



Three new videos on my YouTube channel:-

Railex Poynton Model Railway Show 2019

Oswestry Model Railway Show 2019 Wigan Model Railway Exhibition 2018

Three new videos on my YouTube channel:-

Wigan Model Railway Exhibition 2019 part 1 and part 2

Wrexham Hobbies and Model Railway Show 2019





Links updated with over 20 new addresses

Stafford Model Railway 2020 Exhibition video



2020 gallery added, showing the Church Diorama (Video here)

More links added to links page



The Vid Bit series started in November last year, are now going out, as of April, on a weekly basis! Some personal musing but mostly great Tip’s check it out here Vid Bit’s Video Series



As I have acquired a 3D printer (Anycubic Photon S), I am now doing a weekly Vlog about it called Draw ‘n’ Print 3D Series

3D Print Gallery added

Tip 606 added (by special request from Tim Wells)



In the beginning Jan 2014

I have decided to both store and share my adventures in modelling with my OO gauge railway on the web.

Originally as a sort of blog and to pictorially capture the stages, but a lack of progress and the wealth of knowledge I have collected over the preceding years are slowly being added to the website, the theme is as much about information for all as it is about my escapades!


Updated the links page with 80 new links and 6 new categories



Added Servo Mounts category to links page



Mylayout/Diorama pages added to, to include the Boche Buster



Added Signal Box Interior category to links page



Added new guide on 3D printing

Added Youtube Channel Links page



Updated the links page with 40 new links and 2 new categories



Bought an Elegoo Saturn 3D printer, now I can print even bigger items that I design! Little progress on the layout, but been busy designing 3D stuff (now have 250 items designed!)